KeemoKidz was established to assist 15-year-old Eric Njuguna, who was recently diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma- a dreadfully aggressive but curable form of cancer. He is currently in India undergoing treatment but the hospital is threatening to withdraw treatment because his funds are completely depleted. It is getting desperate for Eric because any slight destabilization or interruption is potentially fatal. Team KeemoKidz is a group of friends who have come together to raise money for his treatment.

Little Eric became symptomatic in January 2013 but despite consulting with 4 specialists, the doctors in Kenya could not diagnose and therefore treat him accordingly. Eric was eventually diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma and chemotherapy was recommended to arrest the situation. After a few sessions of intensive chemotherapy at the Kenyatta National Hospital, he contracted spinal meningitis, which left him paralyzed and critically ill. In addition, the surgery, which was performed to clean up his sinuses further aggravated the lymphoma so much Eric, was facing eminent death.

After miraculously surviving this late diagnosis and subsequent life threatening ordeal, Eric was referred to the BLK Super Specialty hospital in New Delhi for further treatment in May 2013. Two and a half months later, his medical aid is fully depleted; his mum has sold everything to finance his treatment, bills are mounting, the hospital is threatening to withdraw treatment and his mum has been threatened with imprisonment for the accruing debt.

Anna, (Eric’s mum) is a single mother, who is fighting like a lioness to save her only child’s life with limited resources at her disposal. She even sleeps on an armchair by his bedside because she cannot afford to finance her own accommodation.

A&K Global Health as a premier medical travel company decided to team up with other corporate companies to assist KeemoKidz to not only fund Eric’s treatment but also raise awareness of the need for professional handling of cases involving seeking treatment abroad.

Why A&K Global Health.


A&K Global Health has partnered with JCI accredited hospitals to create a network of healthcare professionals and providers that span the globe and encompasses all clinical specialties.

The Joint Commission International (JCI ), is a body that works with health care organizations, governments, and international advocates to promote rigorous standards of care and provide solutions for achieving peak performance. It’s experts help organizations help themselves in three ways: accreditation, education, and advisory services.

A&K Global Health leverages its pool of patients with hospitals as an incentive to gain accurate and timely information. If a single patient tries to gather procedure quotes, it can prove difficult, time-consuming and confusing.

We know healthcare is personal. A&K Global Health staffs offices around the world with caring, tireless patient advocates. This local presence allows us to connect directly with patients, families and referring physicians – from diagnosis through recovery.

A&K Global Health understands the challenges hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers face in serving international patients. We coordinate complex patient management with predictability and efficiency by:

1. Engaging patients from the point of diagnosis through post-procedure care

2. Presenting an unbiased view of your capabilities, handling data collection to generate accurate quotes, helping patients quickly select the right hospital for their needs and managing payment and travel logistics

3. Aiding post-procedure care through the transfer of international medical records and continuing care recommendations.

A&K Global Health understands the total patient experience extends beyond the operating room. Our patient advocates work from the point of diagnosis through follow-up to guarantee a successful outcome.

The event held at Brookehouse International School was well well attended as shown below.


Popular artist Juliani graced the event:


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