There is a single, intelligent Consciousness that pervades the entire Universe – the Universal Mind. It is all knowing, all powerful, all creative and always present. As it is present everywhere at the same time, it follows that it must also be present in you – that it is you. Your mind is part of the one Universal Mind. This is not simply a philosophical ideal passed down to us through the ages. It is an exact scientific truth. Know it, believe it, apply it and you will see your life transform in miraculous ways.

Albert Einstein told us that “everything is energy”; that “a human being is a part of the whole called by us [the] Universe”. His words echoed the most ancient of spiritual and philosophical teachings and still underpin today’s cutting-edge scientific discoveries. The Universal Mind goes by many names. In the scientific world we know of the Unified Field, in spiritual philosophy we refer to The All or Universal Consciousness and in religion we call upon God who Himself goes by many names – Jehovah, Allah and Brahman to mention but a few. The name is relevant only in so far as it resonates with you.

Whichever way you cut it, you come to this one unavoidable conclusion: there is but One Consciousness of which your consciousness must be a part and “a part”, as Charles Haanel said, “must be the same in kind and quality as the whole, the only difference being one of degree”.

The nature of the Universal Mind is Omniscience (all knowing), Omnipotence (all powerful), Omnificence (all creative) and Omnipresence (always present). Know that this too is your nature. You have access to all knowledge, known and unknown; you have access to an infinite power for which nothing is impossible; you have access to the limitless creativity of the One Creator. All these attributes are present within you at all times in their potential form.

It is up to you to know and act upon your own nature. The inscription on the Ancient Greek Temple of Apollo at Delphi left no room for misunderstanding: “Know thyself and thou shalt know all the mysteries of the gods and the universe”. It is through the power of your subconscious mind and your higher self that you can learn to align yourself with the Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnificence of the Universal Mind at all times.

Each and every one of us is a manifestation of this single Universal Consciousness. There is profound truth in the ancient teaching that we are all One. We are all connected – not only to each other but to all of Nature and to everything in the Universe. This is the Law of One. What you do to others, you do to yourself. The way you treat Nature, you in fact treat yourself. The separateness you “see” is an illusion of the personality ego. The true nature of reality is non-dualistic, meaning that while things may appear distinct, they are not separate.

You are able to create your ideal reality because you are already connected to everything you want. Nothing and no one is separate from you. You can experience happiness, true love, perfect health, abundance, wealth and anything else you intend. All you have to do is bring yourself into vibrational harmony with the nature of that which you want to experience through the creative power of your thoughts. To become the master of your destiny, you must master your thoughts.

In a nutshell, there is a single Consciousness, the Universal Mind, which pervades the entire Universe. It is all knowing, all powerful, all creative and always present everywhere at the same time. Your consciousness is part of it – it is It. All is One. You are connected to everything and every one. You are already connected what you want. To the degree that you truly comprehend and internalise this Truth, you will be able to become the master of your mind and the director of your life.

The Law of Attraction Explained

The Law of Attraction really works! But a lot of people have turned it into a marketing gimmick, hoping to part you from your money by promising Secrets, Magic Codes, and 10-step formulas for wealth, success, or happiness. No one with integrity would try to do that, because you and I know that there are no such formulas. If there were, some brainiac would have discovered it thousands of years ago!

You have arrived at this website in all probability because you are interested in a serious and intelligent approach to universal principles. If you are interested in finding out how to make the Law of Attraction work in your life without any marketing gobbledegook or persuasion techniques, you have come to the right place.

The first question to answer is, does the Law of Attraction really exist? The answer is yes, but do not look for scientific corroboration. I have studied science all of my life, but almost no self-respecting scientist will ever go beyond the boundaries of their theories, or the current literature. Science is rooted in the current paradigm of thought, but a new paradigm is slowly advancing in the consciousness of humanity, a new way of looking at the world and the universe that will overturn many of the cherished laws of current science. The Law of Attraction, interestingly, underlies all of science, for the way one approaches the study of the universe is a direct consequence of what one resonates to. That which is like unto itself is drawn, and this applies to science as well as life itself.

Look around at the world we live in. Do you see prosperous, sane societies with healthy populations? Or predominantly poor, stressed-out populations just struggling to survive? A planetary society based on universal principles would look like the former, not the latter. This tells us that mankind has divorced himself from universal law.

The lesson of the past 5,000 years of human history is that a true paradigm shift in consciousness cannot come about only through scientific ideas. Copernicus’s realization that the earth revolves about the sun, Einstein’s theory of relativity, and quantum mechanics have revolutionized the way we view the universe. However, these great ideas have not led to spiritual and emotional advancement. We are still exploiting and killing each other in the 21st century just as we did in 3000 BC.

What is needed is a shift of consciousness on a broad scale.

Fortunately, the human population in now approaching a sort of “critical mass” and the people are awakening. For a brief period of time, we have a unique opportunity to change the current destructive paradigm, and create a new world, with new ideas about life and the universe. The Law of Attraction is one of these new ideas! But in order to use it successfully in your life, you have to understand what it is.

Universal laws exist. These laws are so powerful that they cannot be taught in schools, for if they were, the current paradigm of follow-the-leader, hard work, struggle, and competition would vanish almost instantly. And that would upset the apple cart of the status quo.

The fact is that an understanding of universal principles can make your life better. You don’t have to be a genius to apply them, because everyone instinctively comprehends them. They are woven into the very fabric of your being; and the fabric of the universe as well.

If you have researched this subject at all, you are probably aware of the plethora of universal laws out there. The fact is, however, that these myriad “laws” are subsets of 5 fundamental principles. Once you understand these five, you can make a lot more sense of the sometimes confusing self-help jargon.

The Law of Attraction is one of the five universal laws, a fundamental property of this universe. It works in concert with the other four and in order to fully comprehend its power, it is necessary to know how the Law of Attraction fits in with the others.

View the movie, read the free article and then click here for articles and eBooks that fully explain the Law of Attraction in clear, concise language that anyone can understand.

“True love is inspiring people to see their greater potential.” –John Payne

In accordance with the Law of Attraction, you attract into your life those things, circumstances and conditions that correspond with the nature of your dominant, habitual thoughts and beliefs, both conscious and subconscious. Every area of your life, including your health, your finances and all of your relationships, are influenced by this great Universal Law that “like attracts like”. Eugene Fersen, in the Science of Being, referred to the Law of Attraction as “the Basic Law of the Universe”.

What Frequency Are You On: Everything, including yourself, your thoughts and anything else you may or may not want to experience, is pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. The basic premise of the Law of Attraction is that like energy attracts like energy. You attract to yourself that which you are in vibrational harmony with, not that which you long for or even deserve. Your dominant frequency is determined by your dominant mental attitude, which itself is determined by your habitual thoughts and beliefs. Simply put, a positive mental attitude attracts positive experiences and circumstances while a negative mental attitude attracts those conditions that we deem negative or unwanted.

You Can Attract Anything You Need: To consciously attract anything you want to experience into your life, you must need it, not simply desire, that which you want. To need something is to have a purpose for it and when something has a big enough purpose, it becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. You are able to attract anything you need to yourself because you are already connected to everything, seen and unseen. Nothing and no one is separate from you. The sense of separation we experience in the physical world is created by the way our five senses interpret this infinite sea of vibrating energy. You are one with the One Universal Mind from which all things become manifest. The creative power of your thoughts is limitless within in the realm of that which is possible.

Changing Your Frequency: To consciously attract that which you choose into your life you must learn to bring the energy of your thoughts and hence your actions into vibrational harmony with the essence of your choice, be it perfect health, success, abundance, true love or anything else. Creative visualization is the basic technique by which you can positively and effectively reprogramme your subconscious mind and so begin to attract to yourself those things and circumstances that you consciously choose.

Don’t Play the Blame Game: Understanding the Law of Attraction is not about blaming yourself or anyone else for the negative or unwanted conditions in your life. Getting caught up in this blame game would only serve to attract more of those things that you do not want. Instead, this knowledge is intended to empower you to take full responsibility for your current conditions by understanding the attraction power of your thoughts. Know that by taking responsibility for your life, you also grant yourself the power to change it.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker Bring Me My Match: The bottom line is that you attract to yourself that which you think about (a lot). There is no judgement call involved about whether a particular thought is “good” or “bad” or whether its corresponding circumstance is “deserved” or “undeserved”. The Law of Attraction is neutral. It does not judge, punish or reward. It simply serves to bring like energy together. Think of it as the great matchmaker. You submit your criteria via your habitual thoughts and beliefs and it brings you your perfect vibratory match, every time.

You Do Not Have to Figure it All Out: You do not have to learn to work with or apply the Law of Attraction. Being a Universal Law, it is already working perfectly in your life, whether or not you understand or accept it, and it never ceases to operate. Your primary goal is to adjust your mental attitude by changing your predominant thoughts and beliefs while creating a need or purpose for that which you want to create in your life. To become the master of your life, you must master your mind, not the Law of Attraction. It is already a master unto itself.

One Piece of the Universal Puzzle: Although much focus has been rightly given to the Law of Attraction, more so since the success of the works of Abraham-Hicks and Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, it is not the full picture. The Law of Attraction is the basic Universal Law which holds everything together but there are another seven Universal Laws referred to in the ancient mystical and secret teachings. By understanding all the Laws of the Universe, you will be able to understand the true nature of reality and how you can experience the life you intend. The Law of Attraction is a major stepping stone in that direction but do not be misled into believing that it is the only one.

To experience profound transformation in any area of your life, you must first become conscious of the truth that the circumstances of your outside world correspond precisely with the nature of your inner world and are attracted to you by the Law of Attraction. According to this Universal Law, like energy attracts like energy. You do not need to learn to apply it or work with it because it always does whether you understand it or not. To attract anything you intend into your life you must learn to bring your thoughts and your actions into vibrational harmony with the essence of your choice and leave the rest up to the Law of Attraction. Essentially, all you need to do is work on yourself.

The Law of Attraction: An Overview

The Law of Attraction states that ‘like attracts like.’ But what does this mean and how does it apply to situations in life? Let’s take Rick and Sam. Both of them are tired of their job as salesmen for a big corporation, and both want to start a new business. Sam thinks that it would be a great idea, but that it’s really impossible.

Rick decides that although he has no employees, infrastructure, or money, it’s going to happen. On the way home from a conference in another city, Sam is sitting next to Bill. Sam is tired and grumpy, thinking about his crummy job and how he wants out. Bill leans over to start a conversation but Sam turns away, looking out the window. After the plane lands Sam is waiting for his ride when a woman bumps up against him. “Sorry,” she says, and is about to make chit–chat, but Sam is irritable and moves away.

When Bill leans over to talk to Rick, however, Rick is receptive, for he has been making plans during the entire flight and is feeling juiced. They shoot the breeze for a while and Bill mentions that he’s about to retire after 30 years from a well paying executive position. It turns out that Bill, in his late middle age and with a fat bank account, finally wants to take some risks in his life; he’s tired of his corporate job and is looking for a challenge in his retirement. Bill, in his fantasies, has always dreamed of managing a small start–up but never had the guts to do so before. Now he’s ready. Rick and Bill get excited about Rick’s new venture and exchange email addresses.

What happened? Sam’s very strong desire for a new business put him within vibrational reach of Bill, but Sam’s decision that it’s hopeless sabotages the opportunity. The woman who bumped Sam is a software engineer who is also looking for a new opportunity, and might have made a good employee or partner in Sam’s business. That’s how the law of ‘like attracts like’ works. Through a series of seeming ‘coincidences,’ based upon the content of your conscious vibrational signal, you meet up with people with matching, or similar, desires to yours. It’s your free will decision to take advantage or not, but one thing is for sure: Rick is going to have a lot easier time of it than Sam creating his new company.

The thing is, you never have a clue about how this works unless you are vibrationally ready for it! A guy like Sam would say that it’s total nonsense. And for him, it IS nonsense! He is always vibrationally out of range of those who can help him, even when they are sitting across from him.

Rick and Sam illustrate an important point about the Law of ‘like attracts like’: you can only perceive within a limited range, so you can only come together with those who are in your range. If Sam continues to focus more on his crummy job than on the new business he wants to create, he will no longer even meet up with people like Bill, for they will be completely outside of his vibrational bandwidth His friendship with Rick will also suffer, for Rick will want to hang out with someone whose outlook is more congruent with his. Sam will probably find himself associating more and more with people just like himself: disgruntled and dissatisfied workers who have given up on their dreams.

Sam would probably disagree! Even though Sam wants to change, he is unwilling to do the necessary inner work to alter his state of being. And this is quite understandable, for Sam, during the course of his life, has gotten into a habitual pattern of self-limiting thought. Sam knows that it’s very hard to change, for he has observed his father over the years struggle with his business and his family relationships. Sam just knows, deep down inside that change is difficult.

The Law of Attraction is your obedient servant, but it always matches you up with your true vibration. Despite the apparent unfairness and injustice in the world, the Law of Attraction is scrupulously fair, and does not discriminate against anyone.

Sam’s belief sets up a vibrational pattern of thought, attitude, and emotion that is vibrationally matched by the LOA and is reflected in the people he meets and the situations he finds himself in

Rick, on the other hand, makes his decision for positive change and keeps his focus on the goal. Rick gets up joyfully every morning with his new business in mind, and he’s constantly coming up with new ideas. His new attitude makes him a better employee at his present job as well, and he receives a raise. For Rick, life is grand!

The Law of Attraction is one of the five universal laws, a fundamental property of this universe. It works in concert with the other four and in order to fully comprehend its power, it is necessary to know how the Law of Attraction fits in with the others.

The good news for Sam is that when he truly decides to change positively, his life will begin to mirror those changes. But Sam has to get some new thoughts first! He cannot spend 95% of his time in frustration and expect that Law of Attraction to magically give him his new business. Like Rick, he has to make his dreams the predominant focus of his conscious attention. When he does that, Sam will, like Rick, begin to magically meet up with the people and the resources he needs.

“True love is inspiring people to see their greater potential.” –John Payne

The Law of Attraction and A Course in Miracles

A significant milestone in my recognition of the dream-like nature of the world was in the use of what is called in contemporary times: “The Law of Attraction”, made popular by the movie “The Secret” (don’t really recommend it – has an overly materialistic bent) and by the Abraham-Hicks books, “The Law of Attraction” and “Ask and It Is Given”. I say contemporary because Napoleon Hill’s classic: “Think and Grow Rich” published in 1937, also speaks of the exact same principles – that what you focus upon will manifest in your reality.

I am writing about the Law of Attraction (LoA) because:

1. For the contemporary spiritual seeker it would be hard to have not heard of it, such is the popularity of LoA in our materially-obsessed world
2. It seems to me like speaking about the Law of Attraction is a taboo in the ACIM community
3. I have used the LoA, and still do use it occasionally AND I am a student of the Course. (shock!! scandal!!)
4. In allowing me to see that the ‘real’ world is dream-like, it actually allowed me to accept ACIM more readily in my life – in this regard, it can be helpful.
5. I would like to share my opinion on LoA vis-à-vis ACIM, and hopefully add clarification.

I first discovered LoA when I was about 14, while reading my Dad’s ancient copy of “Think and Grow Rich”. I later read the Abraham-Hicks books, which I took to like a fish to water. I would visualise the outcomes that I wanted – excellent exam results, a prestigious job offer, success with the opposite sex.

Most people will not deny that focusing on a particular goal will cause a change in behaviour of the individual and thus will allow to goal to be more easily achieved, ie. if I think about better exam results, I will be more dedicated on my studies and thus achieving better exam results will not be something magical.

What was shocking to me was that things outside of my control began to align with my intentions – the person who I was just thinking about called me, or I had an extra-friendly interviewer, or that a book I needed to read just happened to be given to me. One might call it luck – but it was obvious to me that the Law of Attraction was very real, and it does work.

The Law of Attraction to me was because it was proof to me that reality is not strictly ‘Newtonian’ – that it is in fact, much more ‘malleable’ and dreamlike than we think.

Just like in a lucid dream, it is possible to affect your reality with your mind. We are not talking about bending city streets into the sky here (like in Inception) or dodging bullets (like in the Matrix). It will be in little things in subtle ways. The way your reality is consciously affected by you – the projector – will very often be on the borderline of believability and unbelievability. In other words – things manifesting into your reality will come in a way in which your conscious mind can deal with. If you decide to manifest a Porsche into your life, it will probably not fall from the sky into your driveway, but you might be guided towards a higher-paying job, which would allow you to earn more money so you could buy it, or you could be guided meet someone who just ‘happens’ to have a Porsche for sale, etc. ‘It was just a coincidence’, our rational brain tells us. But if you stop putting ‘fuel’ into the manifestation process, or if you change your mind about your intention, I can guarantee you that the ‘coincidences’ will stop.

What you intend can and will appear in your reality. The only question is – how much and how quickly? There is only one dependent variable – you. How much and how strongly do you believe in the validity of your intention? This is where the problem is – our unconscious mind and our hidden limiting beliefs. To take the example of the Porsche again – if you have lived much of your life in poverty, are deeply in debt, chances are, as much as you want the Porsche, it is simply too much of a ‘jump’ in vibration for you to accept, and too much of a ‘dissonance’ in the ‘ecology’ of your life. For example, where would you park your Porsche if you are living on the streets? Your unconscious, still programmed with a mentality of poverty, will simply override your Porsche-wanting conscious mind in the same way a deep, fast flowing stream would overpower a little streamlet.

Vice-versa, for a wealthy millionaire who already owns several sports cars and lives in a big mansion, manifesting a Porsche is not a big jump at all. His unconscious is able to readily accept the presence of a Porsche in his life. Soon enough, one of his buddies is moving and looking to sell his Porsche for a cheap price, would he like to buy it? Bingo. Our millionaire has his Porsche.

And so, viewed externally, it would appear that nothing really magical is happening to these two individuals. Even for someone who is extraordinarily adept at this process, to a disbeliever in the Law of Attraction, it would appear that he or she is just ‘lucky’.

But even if the Law of Attraction does work, so what? So what if you are living the ‘dream’ – billions in the bank, a big mansion, a supermodel girlfriend / boyfriend, a successful career? Do you just bliss out and experience boundless joy every single second? Of course not. There’s always more to have. There’s always more to achieve. You could be afraid to lose it. There is no end to comparison, no end to the amount of money you can make, no end to the insatiable wants of the ego. As far as material things go, it’s a bottomless pit.

That was a key realisation for me – you could have everything you wanted, and still be unhappy. Having everything you want does not guarantee happiness. Having everything you want does not guarantee inner peace.

The Law of Attraction is not the answer.

“if you are spending time working on the effect, well, that is kind of like moving around the furniture in a burning house. It might make the house look better temporarily, but you are not dealing with the real problem, which is the mind.” – Gary Renard

It was at this stage when I went on to explore Buddhism and eventually came across ACIM, which I regard to be my calling and my spiritual path. It is the ‘centerpiece’ in my spiritual path, the book I always return to even if I do ‘deviate’, so to speak.

And so we come to a point where we realise LoA works, but we know it’s not the ultimate thing. We listen to ACIM teachers advising us (wisely and rightly) to stick to the Course and not to hang around in the ‘spiritual buffet line’. We are getting the hang of this forgiveness thing but man, it’s really tough with some people. Back in the ‘real’ world, we still have bills to pay and goals we would like to achieve. We think (Okay, I was thinking :)):

‘LoA could really help with this but Gary said it’s like ‘moving furniture’ around – I don’t wanna move furniture around, I want to be a good ACIM student, and forgive all the time, and go home ASAP.’

‘Oh, but it felt so good when I was going downstream, in the Vortex, now it feels like I’m rowing upstream.. Life shouldn’t be so hard! Forgive… Forgive… Aahhh who are we kidding!!??’


…the world and the body are neutral and can serve one of two purposes. To the wrong-minded ego they are instruments to reinforce separation; to the right mind they are the Holy Spirit’s teaching devices through which we learn His lessons of forgiveness.

The LoA is neutral. Everything in this world is neutral. It’s our investment in them that make it real, make it good, or make it bad.

The Course does not ask you to give up anything. It does not ask you to go vegetarian. It does not ask you stop wearing your rosary. It does not ask you to stop hanging out with your non-ACIM friends. And it definitely does not ask you to stop using the Law of Attraction.

Yes, the Kingdom of Heaven is within us and we really do have everything we want and need, but it takes time to realise this. It takes a lot of forgiveness work. In the meantime, it’s okay to ‘have’ a job, try to earn money, put food on the table for the kids, and use the LoA.

LoA is a tool and a skill. Driving a car is a skill. They can be incredibly useful. They can also be incredibly harmful. They are both, as the Course defines it, forms of magic. It’s okay to use magic in your life, depending on the context. But don’t compare them to the Course – it would be like comparing apples and oranges.

Are you using it in a right-minded way or a wrong-minded way? Instead of using the LoA for your egoic needs – it is far, far more important to be asking for guidance from the Holy Spirit.

This relates importantly to the specificity of the intentions: when we say we want a red Porsche, we don’t really want a red Porsche per se – what we want is the feeling of having a red Porsche is like. We want to drive it down the seaside with the top down, the wind blowing in our hair, with our loved one beside us. That’s what we really want. What we really want is a feeling or an experience: be it love, security, abundance, success, etc. When we say we want a billion dollars in the bank, we don’t really want a long number on our bank statement – we want to experience abundance. We want to be able to buy the things we want for ourselves and our loved ones. On the egoic side of things this is also true – if you wanted a billion dollars to show off to your friends how superior you are, for example: if you did have all that money but couldn’t tell anybody about it, it wouldn’t be any good would it?

Ask to be taught, and do not use your experiences to confirm what you have learned. When your peace is threatened or disturbed in any way, say to yourself:

I do not know what anything, including this, means. And so I do not know how to respond to it. And I will not use my own past learning as the light to guide me now.

By this refusal to attempt to teach yourself what you do not know, the Guide Whom God has given you will speak to you. He will take His rightful place in your awareness the instant you abandon it, and offer it to Him.

This is what the Course says: We do not know what we want. Very often, what we think we want doesn’t truly make us happy. I manifested my job as a trader thinking it would make me happy. It didn’t. In fact, the most important lessons I learnt in the Bank was that I didn’t like it and didn’t need to do it any longer!

Go general with your intentions. For most people, it will be about abundance: food, shelter, relationships, experiences. We all want to live the happy dream. We all want to stop struggling. So ask for that! Imagine it! Leave it in the hands of the Universe / the Holy Spirit to sort out the details. Just make sure you stay receptive to the guidance that follows. The answers will very often be unexpected and will appear nonsensical in the short term, but stick with it and soon all will become clear.

So this is my advice:

If you are curious about it – try it. Play with it. Have fun with it. If it makes you feel good, do it! It’s a dream for god-sakes! It may work for you. It may not. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance with it.

If you use it – stop feeling guilty for using it. Put it into context with the Course. Be aware of your relationship with it. Are you obsessing with it? Is it more important to you than doing your daily lessons or practicing forgiveness? What are you using it for? Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance with it.

If you don’t – that’s absolutely fine too! But don’t judge it. Let it be. Forgive it.

The Law of Attraction – You Get What You Give

The Eighteenth Century Jewish master, Tzemech Tzedek, was once asked to pray for a seriously ill child. He said to the family, “Tracht gut vet zain gut,” a Yiddish phrase which means “Think good, and it will be good.” The child recovered. The Rabbi asked the family when the child began to turn around. They told him it was the minute they began to think positive thoughts. Stories such as this appear in many spiritual traditions. Jesus described a similar situation with the phrase, “your faith has made you well.”

What is the power of the mind?

Is it the ability to bend spoons, a la Uri Geller, or is it the presence of mind to reframe thoughts and take a larger perspective? The mind is certainly powerful and I’m sure that we don’t even know the full extent of the mind’s untapped powers if you take into account our subconscious mind. Either way, the ability to frame your experiences and beliefs in a healthy perspective is potentially more powerful than any magic potion or faith healing.

There is a lot of focus on the Law of Attraction in the modern spiritual scene. I want to address it from an integral perspective and apply it to recent events in Egypt. As I do so, I will explore some of the perennial wisdom that comes out in many spiritual traditions to see what common truth is found. I will also seek to be true to scientific method, and allow for a healthy level of skepticism. Even skepticism has its purposes, if it is reframed as a positive question rather than a closed mind.

Let me begin with an inspiring story that will help to reframe some skepticism surrounding the Law of Attraction. Toni Bernhard is an author with a chronic illness. Her book is called How to Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers. It’s a beautiful example of reframing thoughts from a very intelligent and rational person. She became sick in 2001 and never got better. She barely leaves her bed, although for a time she continued lecturing in law while sitting in a chair. After she had been through many of the normal reactions to an illness like denial and blame, she came to some peace with her illness by practicing two Buddhist meditations. The first is Mudita, which is a way of finding joy in the joy of others. For example, when she couldn’t be at her grandchild’s graduation another family member texted her details as they happened. She felt their joy. The second practice is Tonglen which is a method of breathing in the suffering of others and breathing out joy. She practiced it when she couldn’t attend functions, and she would breathe in the pain of the many people around the world who also can’t be with loved ones. She has a wonderful attitude, very real and honest but also an ability to reframe circumstances.

She said this on an NPR interview: “It has taken several years — and many tears — to learn how to thrive in my new life. I still have rough days when I wish I could do whatever I want. But really, who can do that anyway? On the whole, I’m content and at peace with what I can do. Even if it’s from the bed.”

Toni Bernhard is practicing a form of the Law of Attraction. What she is achieving is even more powerful than a miracle cure or an unexplained remission. She is in her words “turning straw into gold.” She is taking the raw and harsh elements of human existence and creating alchemy by transforming them into strength of character and joy. The fact that she is sourcing her joy out of a spiritual tradition is an encouragement to those of us who look to the stories and practices of many traditions to live well and fully.

Make no mistake. The Law of Attraction is powerful. Its healing and transformative powers reach back to ancient Egyptian culture. Reframe your skepticism and allow yourself to entertain the possibility that there is at least a kernel of truth to the Law of Attraction. If you’re already there, open your mind to even greater power. If you’re not quite there yet, stretch your perspective just a little to include more power to your thoughts than you previously gave them.

Positive Thinking

Barbara Ehrenreich’s 2009 book, Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America offers an interesting analysis of positive thinking in America. She says it was a reaction to the gloomy Calvinism that first arrived with the pilgrims. Positive thinking arose out of a new theology where God was no longer controlling and judgmental, but was the all pervasive energy of love and goodness in the world. This seems like a healthy development. But Ehrenreich goes on to describe the shadow side of positive thinking- a new form of guilt and works salvation. Righteousness is no longer measured by a judgmental God, but by how positive you are.

As we venture into the exciting and partly mysterious realm of the Law of Attraction, we do well to avoid both forms of judgment. You don’t need to suffer for God or limit your life with self loathing to appease God’s judgment. Nor should you have any fear that the Law of Attraction is a new rod, to beat you for not being positive enough or not recovering quickly enough. The foundation for the Law of Attraction is grace and kindness. There is no hierarchy of positive thinkers, and there is no punishment for skepticism other than the torment you put yourself through by scrunching up your brain in cranky fear. Life is awesome, and your life can be more incredible than you usually allow yourself to believe.

Begin with grace and kindness, allowing yourself to believe that it’s ok to enjoy life. From this beginning, allow your kind thoughts to stretch beyond yourself. There is more than enough love and grace to go around and the more blessings you seek for others, the more you will experience yourself.

The Essence of The Law of Attraction

As well as reframing your voice of skepticism to allow room for new possibilities, allow your skepticism to speak its mind. How do you explain the situations where you desperately want suffering, your own and others, to end, but it doesn’t? There are times when your attitude is strong, you do everything you can. You visualize health and wellness, you speak positively, you think positive thoughts, and yet you don’t get the healing you are looking for, or the solutions you are looking for. How do you explain this? Does it deny the Law of Attraction?

Maybe it’s a misunderstanding of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is not about getting what you want. Most of the time, you don’t even know what you really want. You think you want wealth but once you get it, it doesn’t smell as sweet as you imagined.

This Scandinavian story illustrates the problem with desire:

A gnome lived in the forest under the root of a tree. He had one big wish: more than anything else in the world he wanted to own a green hunter’s bag. This gnome used to think about his green hunter’s bag by day and dream about it at night. He had visualized it a thousand times. Then, one day, the gnome received a beautiful green hunter’s bag as a gift. His dream had come true; his all-consuming wish had been fulfilled. The gnome owned a green hunter’s bag. Now you would have expected him to be outrageously happy. But instead, he moaned, “It’s a nice hunter’s bag, only it’s not quite as green as I had imagined it!

One of the blocks to the Law of Attraction is the insatiable desire that always thinks the grass is greener on some other side. The grass isn’t greener on the other side. There is no other side. The grass is green where you water it, and you can water your thoughts in every moment, wherever you are, with mindfulness and perspective.

The Law of Attraction is not about getting what you think you want. It’s not even about getting what you have convinced yourself that you need. Desire is so often built around a false understanding of who you are. There was a Snicker’s commercial in last year’s Super Bowl? Four young guys are on a road trip. When one gets hungry he turns into Aretha Franklin and another turns into Liza Minnelli. Their friend says, “Eat something. Every time you get hungry, you turn into a diva.” The commercial ends with the slogan, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” It’s a cunning trick of the voice of desire to convince you that unless you get this promotion or some unknown level of wealth, you won’t amount to anything as a person. The Law of Attraction is not about feeding the ego. The Law of Attraction is not about getting what you need. Often, you’re like a hamster on a wheel chasing your tail; and then wondering why you’re coughing up fur balls.

The Law of Attraction is not about want or need. It is about what you are, consciously or subconsciously, attracting. The more you grow to understand yourself, the more you understand what you are attracting into your life. It becomes clear what is serving you, and filling your life with joy. You seek more of that by BEING more of that, and it finds you because it IS you. What you want, what you need and who you are become one. When you live with this sort of flow, walls turn into doors, hurdles turn into spring boards and crises turn into opportunities. You are at ease with everything that happens and you turn ordinary moments into occasions for incredible joy.

You may feel that the Law of Attraction is not working, or else you may need to reframe your thoughts or retrain your true awareness of who you are. Remember that the Law of Attraction also partners with a lot of other laws, including surrender of outcomes, patience, inspired action and cause and effect. So beware of using the Law of Attraction as an excuse for inaction or laziness.

The Law of Attraction and The Golden Rule

This next point is SO important at this time in history. The Law of Attraction is never a substitute for taking personal responsibility. It’s a partnership AND it’s not all about you and your blessings. The Law of Attraction can easily become narcissistic if it’s not partnered with the Golden Rule. When you are truly living out of your authentic or highest self, you know that your wellbeing is intimately related to the wellbeing of others. The platinum rule goes even further than the Golden Rule. The Platinum Rule says that you should seek more for the other than you do for yourself. The Law of Attraction is about being whole, which is more than the fortunes of any one individual. You may have been blessed with optimum health, but as long as others are suffering there is more to be done. You may have been blessed with great wealth but as long as others are living in poverty there is more to be done. As long as people are suffering and you can do something about it, there is more to do.

One of the great spiritual gurus of the past century is the Indian sage Baba Neem Karoli, better known as Maharaji. People from all over the world travelled to India to visit with Maharaji. They wanted to know the secret to a happy and full life. He said to them, “Feed people.” Surprised, they would question him again. He answered, “Serve people.” He said that the secret to a happy life is to feed people, serve people and help people. Part of the secret to the Law of Attraction is to make sure that you are manifesting for others what you deeply desire for yourself. If you want more friends, then be a friend to others. If you want more money, then give more money to others. If you want more praise, then give more praise to others. The effect of the Law of Attraction is multiplied by the power of many intentions working together for the good of the whole.

The Law of Attraction and Egypt

Apply the Law of Attraction to recent world events. We are in the middle of an unprecedented global shift, centered in the Middle East. Where did the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt come from, and where is it all heading? The Law of Attraction invites us to ask two very different questions.

What did we, the world community, do to attract this situation? How can we learn from the past?
What do we want to attract from this point forward?
How did we attract this situation?
Take your mind back to the Hebrew Prophets who had their own way of practicing the Law of Attraction. Listen to these words from Isaiah chapter 19 and see if it doesn’t ring true.

I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian—
brother will fight against brother,
neighbor against neighbor,
city against city,
kingdom against kingdom.
The Egyptians will lose heart,
and I will bring their plans to nothing;
they will consult the idols and the spirits of the dead,
the mediums and the spiritists.
I will hand the Egyptians over
to the power of a cruel master,
and a fierce king will rule over them,”
declares the Lord, the LORD Almighty. Isaiah 19;2-4

The prophets weren’t predicting anything as specific as what is playing out right now, but they were offering a profound comment on the Law of Attraction. Their prophecy was for the fall of Egypt that was followed by a rebirth. They predicted internal and external conflict and the oppression of a dictator. The incredible thing is that we’re somewhere in the middle of their prophecy, maybe watching a key moment in the ongoing ebb and flow. The amazing truth of the Law of Attraction is that we are ALWAYS in the middle of its manifestation. Who can even say if there is an end or an outcome? Everything is always evolving and changing. We are all in a constant cycle of fall and rebirth. The Law of Attraction is about what inner character we manifest through all the uncertainty.

The prophets weren’t offering Nostradamus style predictions. They were describing the natural state of life and the pendulum swing of human desire. How did we attract the most recent conflict in the Middle East? The chickens may be coming home to roost for the cause and effect cycle of the past forty years, including American support of dictators such as Mubarak. Partly out of fear of fundamentalist Islamic government, American has generally supported the pro West, secular governments even when run by loathsome dictators. The mantra has been ‘better the oppressive secular government you know than the Islamic government you don’t know.” We can’t be surprised that people will eventually rise up against dictators. We need to start looking for an integral path beyond both fundamentalist religious government and oppressive secular rule. The chickens are coming home to roost. The REaction matches the actions of many years. We are reaping what we sowed for many decades. This is one side of the Law of Attraction.

Looking forward, how can we apply the Law of Attraction in a healthy way?

The other side of the Law of Attraction is what we want to manifest moving forward. Take a lead from the protestors in Cairo. People who had never before been active became involved in peaceful resistance, refusing to be dictated to any longer and seeking the best future for their country. They networked, door to door and on Twitter and Facebook, to build their movement. 80 year old Arab feminist, Dr. Nawal El Saadawi, who has been fighting injustice for decades and stood on the front lines in Cairo, said to New York Times Nicholas Kristoff, “I feel I am born again.”

They broke the barriers of fear, and now they are manifesting the possibilities of freedom. Another protestor, Seif Salmawy, said with a smile. “Suddenly we are human beings. We think we can decide and that what we decide has worth and that we have some value as humans. Before there was the president, the police, the army and their money: We the people were just there to serve them.”

Take a cue from Egyptian protestors. Remove some fear and claim your true essence as a person of worth and power. In short get out of your own way. And those of us in the west should get out of the way and create space for Middle Eastern countries to create a democracy that works for them rather than the democracy we want to see. It’s time to trust the people. We have been reminded that under the right circumstances, people can and do claim their destiny.

Get Out of Your Own Way

Let me end with a parable that speaks to the Law of Attraction, both in the Middle East and in every personal situation as well. It’s a parable about a dove that illustrates the danger of looking for manifestation of the Law of Attraction in the wrong places.

Originally doves had no wings. One poor dove was being constantly harassed by a lion. Every day the lion would run after the dove, and the dove would just barely escape. One day the dove prayed for wings and sure enough, she got them. As soon as she saw the lion, she called out to him. The lion charged after the dove, and when he was inches from her, the dove started running away.

But the dove tripped over her new wings. Instead of helping her run faster, the wings got in her way. The lion was on top of her now, and before she could pick herself up…well, you know what happened.

When the dove got to bird heaven, she complained to God, “I prayed for help, and you gave me wings. But instead of the wings helping me to run faster, they interfered with my speed.”

God responded: “I didn’t give you those wings to run with. I gave you the wings to fly with.”

The dove was too fixated on her own perspective to see the possibilities. The Law of Attraction collaborates with possibility when you surrender your expectations and outcomes, forge a powerful intention and take inspired action. Then you will fly. And others will soar alongside you. The Law of Attraction is powerful. It requires you to get out of your own way and approach life with grace and optimism. For now, we stand with Egyptians and others seeking freedom and claim our destiny as one world community working towards the common good.

Ian Lawton was ordained as an Anglican Priest in Sydney, Australia, in 1994. Sydney is one of the most conservative Anglican dioceses in the world. He never fit into that church culture, as he was always more interested in connecting with the people who don’t go to church; the homeless people, the broken people, the creative people, the liberated people, the recovering people, the inquiring people, the family people, those who put their humanity before their ideology. These were Ian’s people. He met them in pubs and on university campuses, in gyms and at school picnics. He stood alongside them at protests and bar lines. He just didn’t see them in church. Ian worked on Sydney’s inner city streets and saw the reality of human suffering first hand. He sought a spirituality that made a difference in people’s lives. Ian went on to complete a second degree in sociology. In 2000, Ian left Sydney to become the Vicar of St. Matthew in the City. Ian had four great years at St Matthews; a never-dull, gothic, white stone building in the shadows of the towering casino. His world opened up during these years as he was exposed to Maori language and culture, mixed with a stimulating community; and launched an online progressive network. Bishop John Shelby Spong then convinced Ian to come to the United States to lead an emerging group of progressive Christians at a church now known as C3 Exchange (formerly Christ Community Church) in West Michigan (of all the most unlikely places). Today Ian calls Grand Haven, Michigan home where he lives with his wife Meg and three children Hugo, Darcy and Raina. In addition to Christianity, Ian also practices meditation and actively trains in Zen which has helped to remove any tendency to divide the world up into good and bad, holy and profane.

The Law of Attraction Explained

Whether you know it or not, you are using the Law of Attraction right now. The Law of Attraction means that you attract what you think about. You can use this to attract wealth, a new girlfriend or boyfriend, or whatever else you want.

I will simply this for you. Let’s say you want to order a pizza, which is one of your favorite foods. You first think about how delicious the pizza would be. Then you order the pizza. Then 30 minutes later or so, you are eating and enjoying your pizza. This is an easy example of how the Law of Attraction works. Pretty straightforward, right?

What if instead, you never picked up the phone, and complained about not having a pizza. You say “Oh my God! I need to eat a pizza!!! I’m so hungry! I want to eat a pizza, but no one’s delivering a pizza to me!!!” Unless you have friends around that hear your whining and feel sorry for you, that pizza will never come. Sounds ridiculous right?

That’s because it is! Unfortunately, most people who are stuck in undesirable situations do exactly this. How many times have you heard someone say something like “I hate this stupid job, but I can’t quit because I have bills to pay!” or “I hate being single! I can’t find anybody to be with!”

If you’re using statements like this, cut it out!!! You attract what you think about. Complaining simply reinforces your undesirable situation, and ensures you will get more of the same. If you think about and talk about lack, that’s what you’ll receive!

I am currently in a call center job that I don’t want to stay in. However, I don’t complain about it, I keep a positive attitude when I am there, and I am taking action to make sure my situation improves so I don’t stay there.

I am always open to opportunities to make money from sources other than my day job. So I asked the universe to help me find something. I thought about getting paid writing articles on personal development to increase my financial independence and to help others become better people.

So a few days later, I put a query into a search engine, something like “get paid for personal development articles”. Then I found out about this contest, wrote my article, and submitted it. It’s the Law of Attraction at work. Magic!!!

Whether I win this contest or not is of little concern to me. I care more about providing genuine value to others. Writing this article also helps my writing skills so I can improve and provide even more value to you in the future. Lucky you! So here’s some value coming your way… here’s an easy step by step guide on how to make the Law of Attraction work for you!

Think about what you want

Go to a quiet place and pretend what you desire is already there. Use your imagination, and hold those thoughts as long as possible. How do you feel? Hold that feeling for as long as you can.

Take inspired action

If you really want something, your actions won’t be difficult at all. Use your intuition, and take a small step toward your goal. Do you want to write a book? Write an outline, or just start writing your story. Do you want a significant other? Start by getting out of the house. Then go somewhere where other singles are doing something that interests you.

Meetup.com is a site I use frequently. For you spiritual people out there, Yoga classes, Vegan meetups, and hiking groups would be some great places to meet like minded people. You’ll make some new friends, and possibly meet an attractive, sexy man or woman that you feel a genuine connection with. Ladies, if you’re really fortunate, you might even get to meet me! :>

I feel like a newbie with this Law of Attraction thing. I certainly don’t have all of the answers. If I was an expert, my bank account balance would be a lot healthier and I’d be doing some world traveling now. However, I asked the universe to find me some spiritual, creative, and positive people, and it delivered in spades.

Be Grateful and be Positive

This is the most important step. Be grateful for all of the good things you have in your life right now. If you’re reading this, you are probably richer than over half of the people in the world. Keep a positive attitude. Exercising, eating healthy foods, and hanging out with people that inspire you will help you greatly in this area.

Be Patient

Know that the universe is going to help you with your requests. Transitioning from an undesirable job to running your own successful business is not going to happen overnight.

However, if you want to be rich, get your dream job, attract an amazing partner, or have some other inspired goal, you have the means to get it. If you want it bad enough, no power on earth will stop you.

I know when the time is right, I am going to enough money to afford anything I want, have a career that I enjoy and that inspires me, and have an amazing girlfriend. It may take many months, but it is going to happen. In the meantime, I am going to order a pizza.

Law of Attraction – How to Attract Absolutely Everything You Wish

I am deeply grateful to the Universe for the law of attraction.

It is so easy to attract everything you wish into your life by complying with this amazing law.

The less negative thoughts you get in your head, the quicker you are able to bring your desires into manifestation.

Negative thoughts can really slow down or even cancel your desires coming into manifestation.

Therefore it is vital to get rid of your negative thinking by using meditation, for example, to prepare yourself for the law of attraction.

Once you get rid of the negative thinking, you should concentrate on clearly visualizing what you want to have, do or become. Try to visualize your desire in detail and you should spend at least 10 minutes visualizing your goal every day.

Don’t worry if you forget to visualize one day. You will not stop the manifestation process, you may just slow it down.

Once you get good at attracting things to you, you will not even need to visualize any more. I will give you more information about that later on.

When you have visualized what you want and you can bring the image of your desires to your mind at any given time, you should start looking for clues and signs of your desires coming into manifestation.

Mostly people, including me, get clues and signs, but you may also get reassurance that your desire is coming into manifestation by the feeling of assurance or by thoughts of assurance. That happens quite rarely, but you should look out for that too.

I will give you an example how the Universe responds to your wish. As at the moment of writing this article my website is very new, I did not even have a proper ‘About’ page.

I got the feedback of one visitor who wanted to find out more about me and he said that my ‘About’ page does not say anything about who I am.

Therefore I asked the Universe if I need to create a proper ‘About’ page, or should I leave it as it is (I have an audio and picture of me explaining a little bit about me anyway).

After an hour of my request I was reading one blog. I noticed that the blogger just published a new post. I started to read it and the post was about the structure of websites.

It was written in that post that it is crucial to have a good ‘About’ page because visitors want to find out who you are! This way I got the message from the Universe and created my ‘About’ page straight away.

You should always look out for clues and signs of your desire. You should state to the Universe what you want and strongly believe that the law of attraction is bringing it to you.

Another very important thing to do is to expect and be ready to receive your desires.

You cannot get anything from the Universe if you ask for something but then do not really believe that you will receive it. It does not work this way.

You have to strongly believe that you are about to receive what you want.

In fact, try to convince yourself that you already have what you want. This will give you an advantage because you will come from an abundance state of mind, rather than lack.

That may be hard to do if you are just starting off, so you should start from visualizing smaller desires.

At first it will be much easier to believe that you already possess small desires. Once you manifest them, you can move on to bigger ones because you will be more assured that your desires sent to the Universe always bring back the manifestations of them.

I know that some people give advice that you should straight away try to manifest very big goals. But that usually does not work because if you have not consciously manifested anything, you will not be able to believe that you are truly in the possession of a huge desire.

If you send a wish to the Universe but you cannot make yourself believe that you already have your desire, you will only manifest lack because you will approach the Universe with the mindset of lack. So be careful not to do that and start from small things first.

I remember my first manifestation was a cup of coffee, than mp3 player, than happiness, peace of mind and so on. It was really exciting to see how I can gradually progress from small things to bigger and bigger ones.

I cannot stress the importance of being ready to receive your desire. If you want to manifest love, for example, you cannot go about your day being grumpy. This will not resonate with your goal. You should be happy and expecting, looking to receive love.

You should completely open yourself and surrender to love. You need to entirely trust the Universe without trying to find out how love will come into your life.

Leave this job to the Universe; do not try to get involved in the manifestation process. Just trust that the universe will bring love in the most perfect and unexpected way.

During the manifestation process you should never dwell on negative thinking. It has the ability to completely mess up or even prevent you from getting the law of attraction working on your side.

Negative thinking is like a brick wall preventing you from receiving your manifestation. The more you emerge yourself into worry and thoughts of lack, the higher and thicker the wall you are building to prevent yourself from getting your desires.

Also you should try not to be impatient. It will take longer for your desire to manifest if this is your first or second time consciously applying the law of attraction.

That is completely normal because you are just getting to know the whole process of manifestation. Also, you might still have some limiting beliefs left in you, which really slow down the process of attraction. But never worry about that. Let the Universe find the best way for the manifestation to reach you.

Once you manifest one goal, some of your limiting beliefs will disappear because you will prove them wrong by getting what you want. For example, you may lose a belief that “Only by working hard you can succeed” because you will see that the opposite is true.

You should not tell anyone about what you want to manifest because some of your friends may express disbelief and that will impact you (especially at early stages). You will start doubting the whole process of the law of attraction and this way you will block yourself from the manifestation reaching you.

Also, whenever you tell about your desire to others, if it is still just in the process of manifestation, you are taking energy away from it. This leaves little energy for the manifested desire to reach you. So you may get your desire after a long time or not get it at all.

When you become good at making the law of attraction work for you, there will be no need for visualization. All you will have to do is to tell the universe (even in your mind) about what you want. Be ready and completely believe that you are receiving your manifestation, and it will come very soon.

The more you become good at consciously using the law of attraction, the less time you need to wait for your desire to manifest.

I still did not tell you the best part of this process… Once you get a proof that the law of attraction always works, you will eliminate the worst emotion that you can have – fear.

There will be no reason for you to fear anything, because you will know that only you can decide what you will experience. You are in complete control of your destiny, and as long as you do not introduce negative thoughts, nothing negative can possibly happen to you.

You will feel like you are so much loved by the universe. You will feel the love of it because of all the things it gives to you. Whatever you want, the universe is more than happy to supply you with.

Also I will tell you the biggest mistake that people make in trying to manifest their desires. They spend ten minutes visualizing their goals and being happy about it, but then they carry on with their lives being bored, disappointed or feeling helpless.

It is important to visualize your goals because it quickens the process of the law of attraction.

But the main state of mind is more important than visualization! It is illogical to think that you will receive your desire by being grumpy most of the time. You will not!

You should guard your mind the best way you can so that you would never talk, behave or think opposite to what you want the law of attraction bring to you.

If you want to manifest love in your life, you should never feel hate or boredom. If you want to manifest abundance, you should never feel or think about lack. If you want to manifest happiness, you cannot let yourself have discouraging and limiting thoughts about how hopeless or unlucky you are.

I know it might be hard not to do that if this is your current reality. But keep in mind that you created such reality because of the mistakes you made in the past. You can surely change that by changing your current state of mind.

If you live in lack, only pay attention to abundance. Even if you only see evidence of abundance by looking at plenty of flowers in the garden or many clouds in the sky. These are all signs of abundance in nature, a natural state of everything in this universe.

By looking at the manifestations of abundance you will be able to bring out the feeling of abundance in yourself that was hidden away by your thoughts of lack.

By observing abundance you will start feeling wealthy although you may still have no proof supporting that. But once you feel this way, you will start attracting external abundance in no time.


I have given you the main process, advice and warnings of applying the law of attraction. If you truly obey the law, I can guarantee that you will achieve everything you want.