The senseless torching of a Christian House of worship at the Coast by creatures whose decadence I can only equate to the hounds of hell, is as despicable as it is abominable.

The Coastal region has seen the emergence of a scourge among its predominant Muslim community. It comes in form of a skewed interpretation of Islamic teachings that clearly smacks of fundamentalism in both its weight and taste.
In the days leading to this week’s events, every public officer who was a non-muslim has been regarded as suspect and treated with hostility.

Pervasively evident is the permeating of popular discourse and social morality that is saturated with hints of intolerance and sedition.

An analysis of the fundamentalist mindset reveals a psychology controlled with a sense of paranoia and depravity. The basic instinct of such an animal is withdrawal into a world of insolence and obstinate denial. Perceived “Foreign” ideas and thoughts are shunned and a preference to wallow in a miasma of ignorance and hate becomes the easier option.

The fanatic’s inability to cultivate empathy coupled with his belief in militancy as the only tool for negotiation portends an ominous fate to any attempts at peaceful dialogue in future. And as demonstrated in other parts of the world, extremists tend to enforce their belief systems upon any citizenry and as such subdue independent thought and the attendant freedoms.

The senseless violence unleashed upon innocent bystanders paints a disturbing portrait of a society facing existential threats from a vicious brute whose thinking has gone awry.
Religious bigotry is indeed a threat to civilized co-existence. It is a weapon of mass destruction more potent than any arsenal gathered yet in a dictator’s armory.

And therefore, I will not be part of today’s political correctness that embraces notions of moral and religious relativism wholesale.

Why should I be terrified of appearing racist, or bigoted or xenophobic?

I will not in the name of tolerance affirm the farcical notion that all moral claims are created equal. Muslims shouldn’t get a free pass, to air and act on their anti-Christian , anti-freedom, anti-women rhetoric whenever and wherever they choose. Muslim hard-liners should not be shouted down: they should be stamped out, eliminated and decimated.

Extremism is fostered among embittered adherents to the Islamic faith and thrives on real and/or perceived historical injustices. Many a youth disillusioned by poverty and joblessness are thus prone to brainwashing by paranoid and selfish spiritual leaders in pursuit of their own agenda.

Perpetrators of these spiritual seeds of discord seek to exploit our way of life, the freedom that democracy accords them, and thus our vulnerability. We should in this connection deny any Islamic radical their constitutional rights and feel justified too.

I therefore call for the systematic and deliberate decapitation of this phenomena that is threatening our posterity.
Education, persuasion, dialogue and provision of a means to better economic opportunities can be used to stifle fundamentalism of new converts.

If this fails, a world wide crusade to incinerate these degenerate miscreants should be initiated. A couple of nukes will certainly wipe the suicide vests out of their chests. Send them to where they have always belonged, the oblivion. Let us rid the world of these savages before we have an encore of the westgate mall attack.