Thomas Kagwa, Medical Patient Travel Advocate.



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Welcome to A&K Global Health your one stop shop to accessing medical treatment options outside this country.
Our network of healthcare professionals spans the globe and encompasses all clinical specialties. With partner hospitals in India, Germany, Thailand, USA and Turkey together with compassionate and customized care, we offer an informed patient choice that guarantees a unique experience for those seeking medical solutions abroad.
To you our friends and partners our duty and promise is to provide you with tools and resources that will keep you from the hassle of seeking treatment outside your country.

Our product is three fold;

-Medical treatment options for you from accredited hospitals worldwide.
-Our sales team educates and counsels patients about their options offering you the opportunity to make informed choice based on location, cost and preference.
– Our case management team manages treatment facilitation from start to finish for every patient.

I am thus tasked with enabling patients’ access to medical treatment options outside this country.
My work also involves educating and counselling patients about their options offering them the opportunity to make informed choices about traveling abroad for treatment.
My disease specialities are;

Educate local organizations, businesses and associations that have a platform for patients traveling for medical procedures about A&K Global Health.
Partner with my business development officer when dealing with larger source opportunities to take advantage of resources that can help me interact with larger group sources.
Talk to individuals at A&K Global Health medical camps. These camps are held in conjunction with hospital partners to raise awareness about A&K Global Health’s services. Regularly attend these events to meet potential patients and build relationships.
Talk to individuals in the community. My sales team leader will equip me with networking materials, such as fliers and business cards, to share with the people I meet.
Focus part of my efforts on networking with local doctors, healthcare professionals, and even staff members like receptionists who can refer patients to me for medical travel.
Attend industry-related events in my area.
Keep a record of the contacts in my AKGH network; a well maintained network of people is my most valuable asset as an A&K Global Health sales representative.