There is a certain outfit calling itself Bunge la Mwananchi on FB. I don’t know how I started following these ridiculous upstarts but before I un-follow them, I will give them my two cents worth. I choose to write this as a conscientious objector to the open abhorrence and antagonism displayed against certain communities on this forum. An aversion to a people due to their beliefs, ethnic orientation, and or political stance is borne out of an ignoramus and a shallow psychology. It is a nuisance portrayed by malevolent and naive persons whose world experience is as puerile as it is sophomoric. Any repugnant soul wishing to spread this misanthropy better direct it to yourself. I will tell you for free, you are a petty, and contemptible weakling who can’t face his own demons, so you choose to hide behind an anonymous Facebook wall. Why don’t you come up with revolutionary ideas for progress, or just shut yourself up in your small unhinged existence and count your toes coz I doubt you ever left kindergarten.