That song by Tanzanian musician Faustin Munishi ‘‘Moto ule ule‘‘ about keeping up the tempo of any underraking should be sung to our civil society activists. After receiving millions of dollars from foreigners to agitate for this and that they soon fizzle out and wait for another contentious issue to spring up. Am sure they are now writing proposals to acquire funding to agitate for Kimemia‘s removal or waxing lyrical legalese on other money minting projects and depending on how much they get, they will soon be parading our streets high one narcotic or another and with noise and hulabaloo announce their utter indignation at some bureaucrat or politician only to fizzle out and wait for another ‘‘injustice‘‘ Needless to say these folks play a vital role in Kenya‘s democratization process. What I wonder is who funds them, why are they sporadic, reactive and predictable. Do they do this on principle or stomach? Even our government seems to have gotten the drift and they nowadays go about their business of plundering with business as usual attitude. In a sense civil society groups promote impunity. Many of our instituitions are currently led by former civil society types who seem to have forgotten their former calling. It is for that reason that am seeking advice on how to start such an outfit. I would really love to own a V8 landcruiser at the cost of dancing on the streets while high! Any thoughts????